News & Events

Oct 08, 2020

7:00 PM.

Board of Supervisors

2nd Thursday of every month at 7 pm.

Because of the "Covid-19 Pandemic"  seating is limited to seven(7) seats for the monthly Township meetings. Any one attending the monthly Township meeting are required to wear a mask.

Oct 28, 2020

7:00 PM

Planning Commission

4th Wednesday of every month at 7 pm.

If there is business at hand.

Zoning Hearing Board

As needed

Oct 19, 2020

6:00 PM.

Recreation Board

3rd Monday of every month at 6 pm.

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Congratulations Clifton Township

October 08, 2020

Congratulations Clifton Township on the grant award of the $80,000 from the Community Conservation Partnerships Program by Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  (DCNR). The grant will go towards Clifton Acres Park trail improvements.

Clifton Acres Park Update

October 02, 2020

Update: October 2020

     Come visit our newly assigned trail! 'Pond Trail'. It is a rustic easy to moderate trail. Enjoy the beautiful Fall foliage as you walk down the slightly winding, inclining trail. Descend down to the creek for a most enjoyable nature hike. Take in all the sounds and sights that nature has to offer. Just follow the white square tree markers located on the trail trees. You can find the markers at about eye level. These tree markers will help ensure that you stay on the path from the parking lot to Bell Meadow Creek and back.

Update:  June 2020   

     Clifton Acres Park trail entrance has been completed. The park gate has been installed as to ensure that there is no danger of vehicles traveling onto the footpath where pedestrians walk. A small personal gate has also been installed to allow foot traffic access as well as accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers. 

     Soon everyone will be able to read all the park rules and park bulletins. They will be posted on the newly installed park bulletin board for your convenience.

     Continued trail improvements are expected to resume this summer. Check back for updates and enjoy park photos by clicking the button below labeled 'Clifton Acres Progress'.

The Clifton Township Office is Open for Business

August 19, 2020

Clifton Township is now open to conduct business as usual.

Clifton Township “Flood Plain Management” Ordinance No.1-2020

May 14, 2020

       On Thursday, May 14, 2020 at 7:00 pm the Board of Supervisors will consider for adoption the Clifton Township “Flood Plain Management” Ordinance No.1-2020. Please click on button below to view Ordinance

No. 1-2020.

       The meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be at the Clifton Township Municipal Building, 361 State

Route 435, Clifton Township, PA 18424.

      However because of the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions the Board will be accepting public comment at the Township Email address at: until 4:00 pm Tuesday, May 12, 2020.

Fox Farm Rd./4th St. Bridge Replacement Project

October 08, 2020

 UPDATE: October 2020

Fox Farm Road / 4th Street Bridge Replacement Project has begun construction of the temporary bridge. Photos to follow.


July 11, 2019

     The Fox Farm Rd bridge work is scheduled to start early next year. We will keep everyone posted. The information was announced at last months Clifton Twp meeting. We will be posting the updates here on our website as they come in. You can check back here as it gets closer to the time. They are still finishing up with obtaining the right of ways from people near the bridge. 


March 20, 2020






PO BOX 1123



PLEASE CALL (570) 842-4362




March 31, 2020

     Residence should complete the census by April 1st,

but may still participate until July 31st by mail, on-line,

or by phone.

          Please remember that you live in Clifton Township.

So, use your Clifton Township address on all your correspondence.

    Why is it important that we participate? How does the information

      collected benefit us locally? 
           The funding that Clifton Township gets for “Liquid Fuel” (money

           that goes toward our roads) is based on our census count. 

           The results of the census is used to reapportion the House

           of Representatives. 
    Be sure to complete the census by July 31 via - mail, email, or phone.

   Please remember to use Clifton Township as your address even though you may use Gouldsboro as your mailing address.  

Spring Clean-Up

May 06, 2020

Please be advised that Spring Clean-Up has been canceled due to Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions. Check back to see any changes and updates.

Honoring American Veterans

September 02, 2019

        Clifton Township is participating in a banner program to honor veterans (both past and present). Our veterans will be honored by a 30” x 60” colored banner (printed on both sides). Each banner will be unique and honor a specific veteran including their picture, branch of service, medals/honors, and years of service. The veteran did not have to live in Clifton Township.

        This program is non-political and non-partisan. It is purely a living memorial to those veterans that have served our country. The cost of the banner is $166.36 (includes sales tax). Applications are available at the municipal building. If you have any questions, please contact Supervisor June Ejk at (570) 842-3916.

Clifton Acres

June 12, 2019

Open Space



     Clifton Township Supervisor Theodore F. Stout, Supervisor Richard Grab, and former Supervisor Richard Batzel have been very diligent in assisting our community purchase a beautiful tract of undeveloped land, providing an important resource for residents and visitors alike.  We must remember that the tourists and seasonal residents continue to be a major source of the local economy, and protecting these natural resources is key to maintaining that economic edge.  Several public meetings were held in 2010 and 2011 to review the plans for the new parcel.  You can see visuals from the presentation at Township office during regular business hours. 

     In 2011, Supervisor Stout, Supervisor Grab, and former Supervisor Batzel enlisted the aid of Ms. M. Breslin.   Ms. Breslin was extremely instrumental in helping our community apply and obtain a grant from the (DCNR) Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Community Conservation Partnerships Program Grants.

     Clifton Township was awarded $77,600 for acquisition of approximately 51 acres off Route 435 for watershed protection, open space, and passive recreation.  Our Supervisors’ major goal has always been to achieve long-term conservation of this part of the County.  This will be protecting some of the finest water quality in the Commonwealth, starting with our own community.  This also protects drinking water quality for downstream residents. 

     Keep watching for exciting developments and updates to come. Please enjoy Clifton Acres Park photos by clicking the button below.

2019 Clifton Township Children’s Photo Contest Winners

October 20, 2019

     The 2019 Clifton Township Children’s Photo Contest  winners were announced, and their entry photos will be on display at the Clifton Township building throughout November, along with restored old photos of Clifton Township.  

Children’s Photo Contest Winners were announced by Lori Yacabitis, Project Coordinator.

1st Place Winners are:

Steven Werner, 14 years old, “Autumn in Clifton”, 

Gavin Schmidt, 11 years old , “Birds of Paradise”, and

Anastasia Schmidt, 6 years old, “Praying for a Miracle”.

2nd Place Winners are:

Steven Werner “Water Under the Bridge”,

Gavin Schmidt “Scales and Stone”, 

Anastasia Schmidt “The Blues”.


Children’s Photo Contest Awards were presented to the children by Clifton Twp. Supervisor Ted Stout

Old photos were donated by Paulette Mikelski and Elaine Gable, longtime residents of Clifton. 

The entire project was coordinated  by Lori Yacabitis, assisted by Donna Stefanski and Joel Yacabitis.

         A special thank you goes out for the 2019 Lackawanna County Arts & Culture Program, sponsored by Lackawanna County Commissioners, they funded the 2019 Clifton Township Children’s Photo Contest  that was hosted by Clifton Township. 


Veterans Day Program

November 10, 2019

2019 Veterans Memorial Ceremony was held Sunday afternoon, November 10th. There was a nice turn out by the public to honor our brave men and women of the military. A special thank you to all who attended. Event photos will be posted soon. Be sure to check back.

Phillips Road Drainage Improvement Project

August 15, 2019


     Work has concluded on Phillips Road and project photos will be posted soon.     

Work on the Phillips Road Drainage Improvement Project has begun. This township project started earlier this year in an effort to stop ice build -up during the winter months and improve drainage over- all. The project will be completed in phases and should be concluded later this year. You can check back here on the website for updates and photos of progress.

Phase One: Surveying, photographing, and evaluating the area in question, has been completed.

Phase Two: Trees and shrubs are being downed and cleared on this particular stretch of road to eliminate the constant shading over the street. Opening up the East, Southeast side of the road will allow available sunlight to help melt snow and ice build-up in the winter. This will mean better public safety for the citizens of Clifton Township, as well as all travelers on Phillips Road.

Phase Three: The removal and clearing of the remaining tree stumps along the stretch of Phillips Road in question. Also, altering the terrain adjacent to the roads edge. Clearing a trench will allow us to enter into the final step, Phase Four.

Phase Four: Includes trench improvement with minimal excavation and the application of stone material to increase proper drainage. Phase plans may be adjusted as the project warrants and progresses.

Please check back for any updates or changes....

Veterans Monument Memorial Dedication Ceremony

September 09, 2018

Sunday, 2:00 pm.     

Veterans Memorial Dedication Ceremony was held Sunday afternoon. There was a nice turn out by the public to honor our brave men and women of the military. A special thank you to all who attended. Please enjoy the photos and video of the activities by pushing the button below.

Clifton Township Removal and Repaving Project

October 18, 2018

Clifton Township Removal and Repaving Project:



     Construction work has begun on the township parking lot. The removal and repaving project is nearly complete. Please watch for updates to follow. Photos of the construction work will be posted soon.                                                                                  


     The new Paving Project was approved for a LSA Grant by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA). The CFA was established in 2004 when casinos were introduced to Pennsylvania.  The DCED and the CFA developed the Act 71 to protect the public and put into law the Local Share Account (LSA). Act 71 requires local gambling establishments to pay 2 percent of all annual proceeds to the CFA for use in the LSA grant fund.  Act 71 allows the CFA to distribute gaming funds through the LSA grant program to needy municipalities for various projects to improve the quality of life of local communities.    The LSA Grant is totally funded by area casinos.

    Clifton Township was recently awarded $120,000 to fund the Removal and Repaving Project. Township Engineer Lou LaFratte, PE. stated that the asphalt will be removed and replaced with new. 

Update: The project is expected to start in mid September and to be completed within a month. Redesigning will allow for better drainage and better access to parking layout. Alternate parking will be announced if it should become necessary during the paving process. Please follow the progress here on our website which will be updated regularly. 

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