Clifton Acres Progress and Updates

Phase One of our Clifton Acres Master Site Development Plan (above click to magnify.) Clifton Acres new entrance and parking area complete with stop sign and yellow center lines (below) located on Clifton Beach Road. Followed by photos of preliminary work. 

 October 2020

     Pond Trail is now open. Come visit Clifton Acres newly assigned trail! 'Pond Trail'. It is a rustic easy to moderate trail. Enjoy the beauty of nature as you walk down the slightly winding, inclining trail. Descend down to the creek for a most enjoyable nature hike. Take in all the sounds and sights that nature has to offer. Just follow the white square tree markers located on the trail trees. You can find the markers at about eye level. These tree markers will help ensure that you stay on the path from the parking lot to Bell Meadow Creek and back.

 May 2020

Park gates have been installed for hikers protection.  See photos of the gate project below. This project also included a new information station. Visitors to the park will be able to read the Clifton Acres Park Rules that are now posted. We will also be posting a park map which will depict active trails as they become available.

Photos by:
Lori Yacabitis

2019 Trail work has been completed. The beginning of the 1/2 mile trail has been laid out, improved drainage has been added, and grass seed covered with straw has been spread.


Update: July 2019

      Clifton Twp. has received a grant towards the installation of the half mile trail. The contract bid has been awarded and the work will be scheduled. Please check back for updates.    

 2019 Clifton Acres Trail work begins!
Clearing of the first trail in Clifton Acres is underway (see above photos.) Keep watching for updates and new photos as Phase #1 of the Clifton Acres Mastersite Development Plan moves forward.Happy trails!

                               Clifton Acres park entrance and parking area work has been completed!

     Construction and paving to the entrance and parking lot at Clifton Acres Park has been completed. The grounds around the parking lot area have been seeded and grounds work around the entrance has been discussed at the monthly township meeting on 10/18.The work has been approved by all three supervisors. Updates will be posted on grounds work plans and updated entrance photos have been added to web site. Please click on the button below to see photos of Clifton Acres Park progress. 

2018: Clifton Acres park entrance work has begun!

      Construction work has begun on Clifton Acres, the townships very first recreational family park. Survey markers had been laid out in the park to mark the entrance and parking lot area. Excavation of the site began a few weeks ago when the rain subsided. The construction work on the park entrance is moving forward. You can view the project progress  here.  In an effort to keep you informed on the activity at Clifton Acres, we will be adding construction photos and updates here as they become available.  

June 12, 2018

​Community Park Update:

By Ted Stout

     I would like to let you know what is happening at Clifton Acres, the Township Community Park.  We now have an approved Master Site Development Plan, which means that we can take our ideas from the Plan and put them on the ground.

     We have applied for and received the okay from the Department of Transportation to install the entrance to the park off Clifton Beach Road.  This gives the public an improved Black Top entrance to the Park.  Construction on the park entrance will begin this summer.

     Our next step is to apply for a grant through DCNR to start the first phase, which is a walking trail that will be ½ mile in length.  This will take place early in 2019. These improvements take a great deal of time and money to complete. Our Recreation Board is working very hard to help us reach our goals, through various fundraising activities.  With support from the community we can keep this park moving forward.

Photos by:
Lori Yacabitis