Clifton Acres

Bell Meadow Stream (pictured below) runs the entire length of the park. The waterway is located on the west, southwest edge running through Clifton Acres, exiting under Clifton Beach Road.


      This old logging road will be developed early next year (2019) into the first trail of Phase One of the Master Site Development Plan as seen above. Further below are photos of a very whimsical tree that we found on Clifton Acres grounds just east of the stream. This should create some genuinely nice photo ops for those outdoor adventurers.

   Build a Park, one Tree at a Time

                    Clifton Twp. Recreation Board invites you to buy ‘A Leaf’ in support of building the community’s very first Recreation Park.   Become a part of history by making your mark here with us. Leaves are available at the Clifton Twp. building Monday through Friday, during regular business hours.   Donations can vary from a $1.00 to $100.00, if you wish.  All leaves will be hung on a tree branch at the Township building for all to see.  Please call with any questions (570) 842-4272 or (570) 842-1276.

Autumn Decoration
Autumn Decoration
Photos by:
Lori Yacabitis