About Clifton Township

      The Township of Clifton was originally settled in 1815. The Township of Clifton was formed from Covington, December 14, 1875. Jacob Gress, the first settler, located here in 1840. He opened the first tavern in the log-house in the most primitive style. He was a brave hunter, and was the proud owner of 73 bear skins. He also killed over 700 deer and a large number of panthers and wolves, and much small game. The first store was built in 1863 or 1864 by Herbine, Baum & Co., at Clifton. The population was 282 in 1880; 172 in 1890; 200 in 1900; 203 in 1910. 

Clifton Township is located in the southeast corner of Lackawanna County.
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2010 POPULATION: 1,480
Square Miles: 20.5
School District: North Pocono

CompPlan: 5/13/10
Zoning: 11/18/89
Sub/LD: 11/10/11
Flood Plain: 2/2/90
FEMA#: 421751
Census Tract: 1129
PA Classification: Rural


Total Units: 1,264

Owner Occupied: 548

Renter Occupied: 79


State Roads (miles): 14.86

County Roads (miles): 0

Funded Local Roads (miles): 4.58

Police Protection:

PA State Police at Dunmore

Fire Protection (Volunteer):
Gouldsboro Vol. Fire Co.,
Chief: David Miller
Thornhurst Vol. Fire Co.,
Chief: David McFadden

Ambulance Coverage (Volunteer):
Gouldsboro Vol. Ambulance
Covington Vol. Ambulance

Emergency Management Coordinator:

Joshua Smith  (484) 225-5334